Under the frame of the Total assessment for the Financial sector, CBL meets with Experts of the World Bank

Friday 11th of May 2018 was the finish day of the meetings held between Experts of The Central Bank of Libya and The World Bank in the capital of Tunisia under the frame of the Technical Support provided by The World Bank in which includes the comprehensive assessment to the Financial Sector in Libya as the Fundamental Terms were discussed during these meetings, besides the agreement on the scope of the proposed work, in which included three main references:

  1.  Legal, regulatory and institutional framework for the sector.
  2.  Structure and functioning of the financial system.
  3. Financing Minor,Small and Medium scale business.

In addition , The Discussions included a vision in studying The Islamic Finance to initiate the implementation of a strategy and a plan to improve Islamic Banks and as there was an agreement at the end of the held meetings on the program and the work plan, beside the agreed voting concerning the specifications and qualifications of the consultants who will conduct the study and the requirement as they have sufficient experience in the banking and financial field.