The Governor and Deputy Governor Agree to unify Central Bank of Libya,,

In the most significant step towards unification of the Central Bank of Libya to date, Governor of the Central Bank of Libya Mr Saddek Omar Elkaber and Deputy Governor, Mr Ali Salem Alhebri, met today to agree a detailed plan to embark on the process of unifying the Central Bank.
‏Elkaber and Alhebri discussed a phased approach to achieving unification in line with a previously agreed road map, proposed by the International consultancy firm Deloitte after having completed the international financial audit of the Central Bank in July 2021, in addition to the corresponding work streams, and the technical teams required to implement the process.
‏The meeting, in which Deloitte participated after being invited to provide technical advice and support, concluded with an agreement by the Governor and Deputy Governor to embark on the implementation of the unification process, affirming their commitment to advancing towards achieving the desired  objectives from unifying the Central Bank of Libya.