The economic and financial reform program in a workshop organized by the Central Bank of Libya

The Central Bank of Libya organized the first workshop concerning the program of economic and financial reform in Libya on Saturday the 11th of November 2017 , at shehat hall in Corinthia hotel in Tripoli which was attended by members of the house of representatives and experts in economics , finance and strategic planning , beside the presence of a number of bankers , Business men and media.

After the Governor welcomed the attendees , he informed the importance of the economic and financial reform program and which is an unavoidable necessity , assuring the role of the Central Bank through this reform program in the service of the national economy , he also praised the serious and sincere efforts of the participants in the preparation of the program and the discussion of it’s clauses and content.

An integrated presentation was carried out by the program preparation team and was followed by a discussion which came up with many ideas and interpretations .In addition  all agreed on the need to work on the implementation of the program in a comprehensive and accurate way and that all state institutions  bear their responsibilities towards the homeland and the citizen , besides they assured working together to face the economic and financial crisis , handling  its repercussions and effects for the sake of the safety of Libya.