Our Vision



To maintain a stable financial environment to achieve sustainable and inclusive economic development.


Our Mission,

  • Maintain price stability thru vigilant conduct of monetary policy, which generally targets low and stable inflation rates to preserve the purchasing power of the Dinar.
  • Being a banker and adviser to the Government, playing a dynamic role in advising on macroeconomic policies. The Central Bank of Libya  is the sole authority in issuing currency as well as managing the country’s international reserves.
  • Promote financial sector stability through the progressive development of sustainable, robust and sound financial institutions and financial infrastructure,


Our Core Values​​,

Committed to our fundamental principles that would elevate us to be a model for others by :

  • Establishing the spirit of belonging.
  • Sense of responsibility and commitment towards the institution and its staff and clients.
  • Integrity, transparency, honesty, objectivity and impartiality in order to ensure achievement of national goals.
  • Teamwork, working together to achieve the national goals and serve the nation and citizens.
  • Promote human development in the banking sector, which will contribute to modernization and sound governance.