A French court judged for the sake of The Central Bank of Libya by cancelling the execution of 100 Million Dollars by the Kuwaiti company , Al-Kharafi

On the 28th of November 2017 , after twenty years of deliberations and defenses , finally the executive judge of Nanterre , the magistrates court , which is at the suburbs of Paris , has pronounced a judgment of cancelling the execution which was implemented on the 3rd of April 2016  by the Kuwaiti company , Al- Kharafi , concerning 100 million dollars owned to the Central Bank of Libya at the Credit-Agricole  bank , the judgment also pronounced obliging  Al – Kharafi company with the expenses and the immediate implementation of the judgment .

This matter was regarding the implementation of Al- Kharafi company to the judgment pronounced by an arbitral tribunal at Cairo on March 2013 for the sake of Al-Kharafi company against the Libyan government for One Billion Dollars.

The Central Bank of Libya had faced the execution mentioned by a prosecute at the French courts on the 11th of April 2016 and during the case the company  tried to make the political and institutional division of the Libyan state a chance for it to win this case.