The Central Bank of Libya organized a workshop in Tunisia on economic policies

In a very special event that carries a lot of overtones, a workshop on economic policies was held in Tunisia on Thursday the 11th of May 2017 in which was sponsored and organized by the Central Bank of Libya with the participation and attendance of a number of members of Parliament, the State Council, the Vice President of the Presidential Council and previous Governors of the Central Bank of Libya. The workshop aimed to formulate a number of economic policies capable of dealing with the economic crisis linked with the political crisis to end suffering of citizens caused by increased inflation and also focused on the preparation and resumption of the process of development. The workshop included five categories:

1 – General policies of the state facing the crisis
2 – Financial Policies
3 – Monetary Policy
4 – Trade Policies
5 – Awareness and gathering public consensus.

The economic policy workshop was divided into five working sessions, each session included a Director and a number of speakers. Experts are hopeful that the workshop will end with results that will be implemented into recommendations and effectively cause real economic change resulting in stability in the standard of living and prices. Also another goal is to help solve the liquidity crisis, the low purchasing power of the national currency, and provide appropriate conditions for investment and banking credit.